Past Grants Awarded

The Parsippany Education Foundation, Inc. is pleased to award the following schools for their innovative programs to enrich and enhance the educational opportunities for the children in the Parsippany Troy Hills School District. In addition, we also award a scholarship to a high school senior from Parsippany High School and from Parsippany Hills High School.

For more information about these programs and their status, please contact the principals at the respective schools.

Grants awarded in 2017-2018

Title of Grant School Awarded Description
Continuing to Enhance Social Skills through Commuity Exploration CMS, BMS, PHS  Multiple disabled students across the district will learn various academic, social, and life skills while taking part in community based activities with their peers. 
Empowering Adolescent Females Through the use of supportive activities Central Middle School  The monies used fro this grant will assist middle school girls in building self-esteem and establishing appropriate social skills. 
Tom Paster and the National Champion A Capella Highland Voices Mini Residency CMS, BMS, PHS, PHHS  The secondary choirs of Parsippany will be performing and working with Thomas Paster and the Highland Voices from Northern Highlands District. 
The Power of Real Littleton and Knollwood  The purpose of this proposal is to promote our students to become enthusiastic, independent life-long readers and to embrace the writing/publishing process by meeting Dan Gutman, a famous children's author. 
Bringing Music to Life for Elementary Students: A Live performance by the NJ Symphony Orchestra REACH Intervale and Northvail  The New Jersey Symphony REACH (Resources for Education And Community Harmony) is a chamber ensemble that brings live prerformances to the surrounding communities in New Jersey 
Stem Squad Club Troy Hills School  S.T.E.M. club is designed to make cross curricular connections between science, technology, engineering and mathematics and engage students in hands-on learning challenges. 
STEAM Literacy Take Home Boxes Rockaway Meadow School  The STEAM bin activities support innovative thinking skills and curiosity as well as family involvement!  
Central's Curiosity for Science Central Middle School  Exploring static electricity, sub-zero temperatures of liquid nitrogen and state of matter with over a dozen thrilling experiments. 
Students Give Students Math Knowledge Central Middle School  8th grade Alegebra 1 students will pass on their math knowledge to a fellow classmate through a peer tutoring program utilizing materials frm a customizable software program. 
The Man in the Red Bandana Brooklawn Middle School  The Man in the Red Bandana is a ESPN 30 for 30 based on the ultimate sacrifice of Welles Crowther on 9/11/2001.  Alison Crowther, mother of Welles, will be presenting on his life and character, and how students can make a difference by displaying integrity, selflessness, and character. 
Poetry in the ESL Classroom: A Magic Castle of Words Parsippany High School  Creating poems using literacy that stretch students' imaginations and their facilty with the English Language. 
Applications for iPad Lake Hiawatha School  Speech and language learning apps offer versatile and cost-effective ways to offer therapeutic intervention to address IEP goals for students. 
National History Day Funding Central Middle School  Students choose historical topics related to a theme and conduct extensive primary and secondary research through libraries, archives, museums, interviews and create projects using their new knowledge. 
Rock Out Loud Rockaway Meadow School  Music motivates students with autism to become actively engaged in learning activities, and encourages social skills and language development. 
Magic and Mirth in A Midsummers Night Dream Central Middle School  Shakespeare & Company from Massachusetts will present a live performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream on May 1, 2018 at CMS.  

Grants awarded in 2016-2017

Title of Grant School Awarded Description
Nessy Northvail At risk students need additional support using a software system that is highly motivating.  The combination of Nessy and Orton-Gillingham will result in helping students read which is a necessary life skill.
National History Day Central Students choose historical topics related to a theme and conduct extensive primary and secondary research through libraries, archives, museums, interviews and create projects using their new knowledge.
Mindful Kids Lake Parsippany Mindfulness helps students strengthen focus and concentration, improve emotional regulation, strengthen empathy, lower stress levels, and improve impulse control.
The Penguin Press Lake Parsippany  The Penguin Press Newspaper authenticates Language Arts and Technology.  Class Reporters select, edit and word process all submissions for publication.
LEGO Education Intervale LEGO Education provides an engaging and concrete way to understand abstract concepts by working together using creativity and problem solving skills.
Virtual Reality for the High School Classroom Parsippany High Virtual Reality Viewers give students access to hundreds of virtual reality field trips all over the world and beyond.
Taking a Stand Littleton The purpose of this proposal is to enhance the Anti-Bullying program at our school through interactive "Bully No More" an Anti-Bullying assembly.
Phantasmagorical Fun Central The Shakespeare Theater of NJ will present a live performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream on May 10, 2017 at CMS
Rock Out Loud Rockaway Meadow Music motivates students with autism to become actively engaged in learning activities, and encourages social skills and language development.
Science & Math Parsippany High The Parsippany Robotics Club is applying for a grand to fund our equipment to get started on our competitive season.
Artist in Residence: 
The Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet
Parsippany Hills Hosting The Harvey Pittel Saxophone Quartet as artists in residence in the Parsippany-Troy Hills School District.  The quartet will hold clinics, rehearsals and a performance with our elementary, middle, and high school instrumental music students.
Enhancing Social Skills Through Community Exploration #1 Parsippany Hills/ Brooklawn  This grant will help students to develop their social skills outside of the classroom while participating in exciting, educational trips.
Enhancing Social Skills Through Community Exploration #2 Central/PHS This grant will allow students with multiple disabilities the opportunity to learn skills needed throughout life by allowing them to take part in age appropriate activities.

Grants awarded in 2015-2016

Title of Grant School Awarded Description
Enhancing Social Skills through Community Exploration Central Middle School This grant has allowed for students with multiple disabilities to engage in real life activities within their community by providing them with experiences and memories that their same-age, non-disabled peers participate in and enjoy. 
Hmmmm Potato Chips or a Salad? Littleton School The purpose of this proposal is to enhance the Health and Fitness program at our school through interactive "Treat Your Body Right" program.
Physical Education Portable Bluetooth Speaker Parsippany Hills High School Mini Bluetooth speaker is used in Physical  Education classes to increase student motivation, participation, and enjoyment.
Shopping for Success: Part Two Brooklawn Middle School Middle School students practice transactions, positive social skills, and enhance fine motor skills at a replicated Reward and Grocery store.
Freshman Transistion Program Parsippany High School The Freshman Transistion Program is a new mentoring program at PHS designed to impact our most academically at-risk students. 
CMS School Store Central Middle School Our school store will stock merchandize ranging from pencils to tasty snacks, and sell its wares to students, staff  and the occasional visitor.  A school store, however, is more than a "Convenience store;" its shelves are stocked with the materials for building academic and lifelong learning skills. 
Sustained Silent Reading Classroom Library Parsippany Hills High School Students participate in recreational reading on a daily basis to improve reading comprehension, writing, and analytical skills while building a love for reading.
Authors in the Making Lake Parsippany School Award winning author Lauren Tarshis will present her personal story of becoming an author and share her insights into the writing process through an interactive presentation.
Duet Whisper Phones Intervale School This grant provides Duet Whisper phones for effective cooperative learning allowing students to effectively practice active listening skills.
Magic & Mischief in a Midsummer Night's Dream Central Middle School Eighth grade CMS students will attend a live theatrical performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream on May 17, 2016. 
Adventures of a Fourth and Fifth Grade Musical Knollwood School Students will be showing their creativity and acting skills in the production of "Adventures of a Comic Book Hero." Everyone loves comic book superheroes, so both cast and audience will love this action-packed, musical spoof of the comic book genre complete with hysterical singing superheroes and dancing villians.
Greek & Latin Roots: Keys to building vocabulary Northvail School The English language has its roots in several languages. Greek & Latin Roots: Keys to Building a Better  Vocabulary will help students build vocabulary and the ability to make educated guesses about unknown words when reading.
Artist in Residence: Stephen Melillo  PTHSD Instrumental Music Program Composer/Conductor Stephen Melillo will spend four days working with PTHSD instrumental students, grades 4-12. Our students wll then have the opportunity to perform Mr. Melillo's compositions with him as the conductor.
Literacy Center Learning Fun! Eastlake School "Literacy Center Learning Fun" will help students be actively engaged in literacy centers during guided reading instruction.
National History Day Club/Competition Central Middle School Students choose historical topics related to a theme and conduct extensive primary and secondary research through libraries, archives, museums, interviews and create projects using their new knowledge.
The Walking Classroom Lake Parsippany School The Walking Classroom combines physical activity with engaging audio podcasts.  Students listen on Walkkit devices to kid-friendly, standards-based podcasts while walking outdoors.
Change for Change Parsippany Hills High School Change for change is designed to help a multiple disabilities population learn the social, academic, and functional skills of running a school store.
Read-a-way with Playaway!: Developing Literacy Through Audiobooks Eastlake School K-2 students will have access to the Playaway, a handheld device, which provides access to popular children's literature to support a balanced literacy approach.


Grants awarded in 2014-2015

Title of Grant School Awarded Description
Using Bird Feeders to Promote Various Aspects of the Science Curriculum for a Multiply Disabled Population Central Middle School This project will use bird feeders and a transparent birdhouse to supplement both the life skills and life science curriculums.
How Do The Structures of Organisms Contribute to Life's Functions? Central Middle School Using a unique combination of tubing, pumps, and one-way valves, student teams compete to model the heart's pumping action and gain a better understanding of how blood circulation works in the body. Students construct models of blood flow through a closed-loop system and perform a series of increasingly complex design challenges to demonstrate their knowledge of how vessels, heart valves, and contracting chambers work together. Using Google Chromebooks, students can run simulations depicting the structure and function of the heart and connected organs, and students can co-create prototype models.
3-D Printer for Makerspace in the Media Center Parsippany High School Students design and produce physical objects from paper prototypes using a 3-D printer. This technology allows students to tap into creative and mechanical capabilities.
Reading and Writing, It's a Family Affair Northvail The grant will provide the funds necessary to have a children's author present a reading/writing workshop during our school's annual Family Literacy Night.
National History Day Central Middle School Students choose historical topics related to a theme and conduct extensive primary and secondary research through libraries, archives, museums, interviews and create projects using their new knowledge.
Mark Miller Vocal Ensemble Mini-Residency CMS, BMS, PHS, PHHS Composer Mark Miler writes a new song to be performed by Parsippany's secondary school choirs in a concert together. This residency will motivate hundreds of district singers and reiterate the importance of choral music as a universal language. It also includes students in the music writing process from start to finish.
Cross Curricula - Crazy Cool Northvail "School House Rock, Live" rocks Northvail! Never before has music and theater combined so wonderfully with other academic subjects such as math, science, language arts, and social studies!
Robotics Club Start-up Brooklawn Middle School The Robotics Club will expose more students to STEM Education through the use of the Lego Mindstorms NXT Robots.
Artist in Residence: Edward Lisk Parsippany Hills and Parsippany High Schools Edward Lisk, an internationally recognized clinician, conductor, author, and the creator of "Alternative Rehearsal Techniques," will conduct 3 days of clinics and workshops for all of our high school instrumental students. The final evening will conclude with an ensemble presentation by Mr. Lisk that will be open to the public.


GRants awarded in 2013-2014

Title of Grant School Awarded Description
Increasing Spanish Proficiency thru immersion, music and drama Brooklawn Middle School Using a dynamic and interactive approach to create a French-only learning environment designed to engage students and increase French proficiency.
Hands on Teaching Central Middle School With the use of white board paint, it will allow for me to turn each child's desk and two tables into an instant kinesthetic learning experience.  Studies have also proven that students learn better in color so with the use of white board markers, students will increas their learning through visual experiences.  This grant will also help to meet cross curriculum standards while encouraging learning within the classroom.
Crafting Mind Games Central Middle School MineCraft captures the natural curiosity of students and their desire to play, into a gaming environment that is both exiting and educational.
Enhancing Learning thru Technology Lake Parsippany School The iResponse Clickers are an interactive tool that allow students to provide an immediate response during lessons across all content areas.
4th Grade Common Core Mount Tabor School A student created iMovie modeling the various Common Core Math Strategies learned in 4th Grade.
“Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglas” Program PHS/PHHS "Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass" by Fred Morsell reinforces for students the power of literacy and education, which are key aspects of the Common Core ELA Standards.  The program aligns with the U.S. 1 curriculum and promotes character education.
The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra Mini Residency Parsippany Hills High Students from PHS and PHHS jazz ensembles will participate in clinics and workshops with Anita Brown and members of her orchestra.  On the evening of April 28, 2014, a concert will be held at PHHS featuring Jazz Ensembles from both high schools and the Anita Brown Jazz Orchestra.
Enhanced learning thru Plants Parsippany High Plants will be used to study photosynthesis, biotechnology through hydroponics, genetics and environmental exology.  Students "learn by doing" and observing.
Informational Text: Take Home Bags Rockaway Meadow School To provide developmentally appropriate materials for home use that will encourange children and their parents to read informational text and have fun while doing it.
Wild about reading Troy Hills School "Wild About Reading" will provide our students the opportunity to celebrate the importance and uniqueness of the rainforest habitat through an assembly, "The Rainforest Chorus by Billy B."



Title of Grant School Awarded Description
Technology Explorer Central Middle School The iPads provided differentiated, individualized, engaged, hands-on and peer learning by using technology to understand, apply, and analyze math concepts in Special Education at CMS.
"Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass" program PHS/PHHS The program reinforces for students the power of literacy and education. Not only does it align to key objectives of the U.S. I curriculum, the program promotes character education.
Viking Pop Art Installation Parsippany Hills High PHHS ceramics classes created a collaborative public art piece to be displayed in the school to raise school spirit. The final piece is an Andy Warhol inspired Pop Art Mural using the school mascot. Small tiles will be painted in Ceramics classes and assembled to form colored Viking panels.
Mini Residency - Dr. Peter L. Boonshaft Parsippany Hills High That evening, at the PHHS band concert, Dr. Boonshaft gave a talk on music advocacy. The reaction from parents, teachers, students, and administrators was nothing but positive. This mini residency had a huge impact on the performance of our students, and reinforced the importance of music education in the Parsippany Schools.
Book a Reading Road Trip Troy Hills To tie in with Troy Hills School’s reading theme “Book a Reading Road Trip,” the PEF provided the funding to secure a wonderful and informative assembly “Let Freedom Ring,” presented by the Pushcart Players of Verona, NJ.

Grants Awarded in 2011

    1. Incorporating iPad use in Speech-Language Therapy Sessions (Littleton/Eastlake)
    2. Declaration Participation (Intervale)
    3. Microscope Madness (Troy Hills)
    4. Western Wind Vocal Ensemble mini-residency & Commission (Central, Brooklawn, Parsippany High, Parsippany Hills)
    5. We're "Jersey Proud" Readers! (Troy Hills)
    6. Brooklawn Book Club (Brooklawn)
    7. "Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass" Program (District)
    8. Read with me! Shared Reading between at-risk third graders and preschoolers (Lake Hiawatha)
    9. QOMO Qclick (Central)
    10. Technology in Hand (Central)

Grants Awarded in 2010

    1. Boston Brass Mini-Residency (Parsippany High)
    2. Bringing Their Memories to Life (Brooklawn)
    3. Everyday Heroes (Troy Hills)
    4. Interactive Reading! (Littleton)
    5. iPad: Interactive, Portable, Assistive Devices (Troy Hills)
    6. Multicultural Education Through the Arts (Rockaway Meadow)
    7. "Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass" Program (PHHS/PHS)
    8. Process to Publication (Central)
    9. Teaching for Advanced Chemistry (Parsippany Hills)

Grants Awarded in 2009

    1. The Power of Word & Music (Littleton)
    2. "Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass" Program (PHS/PHHS)
    3. Utilizing Nanos & Flash Drives in the Classroom (Troy Hills)
    4. Summer Leadership Retreat (PHS/PHHS)
    5. Orff Ensemble (Littleton/Intervale)
    6. Building a Lenape Village (Rockaway Meadow)
    7. Digital Document Cameras (Central Middle)
    8. Healthy Body Healthy Mind - READ! (Troy Hills)
    9. Is Anyone Listening (Littleton)
    10. From Design to the Market Place (Parsippany Hills)
    11. Notes for All (Central Middle)

Grants Awarded in 2008

    1. Games Galore (Eastlake)
    2. Spanish Festival (Eastlake)
    3. With Liberty and Justice for All (Intervale)
    4. Building a Lenape Village (Rockaway Meadow)
    5. Vote for Books: Elect to Read (Troy Hills)
    6. Use of Technology to Self-Assess Outcomes in Speech Therapy (Brooklawn)
    7. Developing French Literacy Through Reading (Brooklawn)
    8. Physics Fun with K'Nex (Central)
    9. Math To Go (Central)
    10. Technology for Chemistry-Pasco GLX (Parsippany Hills)
    11. Illustrator visit: An Interdisciplinary Encounter (Districtl)
    12. Presenting Mr. Frederick Douglass (District)
    13. With Liberty and Justice for All (Intervale)

Grants Awarded in 2007

    1. Lights Camera Action (Lake Hiawatha School)
    2. The Art of Reading (Troy Hills School)
    3. Presenting Frederick Douglas (Parsippany Hills and Parsippany High School)
    4. Technology Toolkit (Troy Hills School)
    5. "Greenscape" Garden (Central Middle School)
    6. Come See What Lives in the Sea (Intervale School)
    7. Where it All Began (Intervale School)
    8. Feel the Smile of a Child (Littleton School)
    9. Littleton's Masterpieces (Littleton School)
    10. Reading Buddies (Rockaway Meadow School)
    11. Reading for Miles (Lake Hiawatha School)

Grants Awarded in 2006

    1. Bravo for Biographies (Troy Hills School)
    2. Computers for Elementary Circulation (Elementary Schools - Contact: Supervisor of Media Services)
    3. Cyber Pen Pals ( Mount Tabor School)
    4. Presenting Frederick Douglas (Parsippany Hills and Parsippany High School)
    5. Sweet Home New Jersey (All Fourth Graders in Parsippany-Troy Hills School District)
    6. Rutgers Model Congress (Parsippany High School)
    7. Bringing Dinosuars to Life II (Rockaway Meadow School)
    8. Invention Convention Extravaganza (Lake Hiawatha School)

Grants Awarded in 2005

    1. Awesome Authors (Troy Hills School)
    2. Bringing Dinosaurs to Life (Rockaway Meadows School)
    3. Islamic Art and Geometric Design (Central Middle School)
    4. Student Stampers (Troy Hills School)

Grants Awarded in 2004

    1. Tracing Our Roots to America (Troy Hills School)
    2. Field Trip to Yesterday (Intervale School)
    3. Extreme Media Center Makeover (Brooklawn, Central, Eastlake, Intervale, Knollwood, Lake Parsippany, Littleton, Northvail, Rockaway Meadows, Troy Hills,)
    4. Providing Help with Reading Materials for Special Needs Students (Central Middle School)